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A virtual version of the Real McCoy, fractioned to various interests. It ranges from food, lifestyle, property and how it changes our lives living in Singapore. We invest in valuable information and historical events to those staying in Singapore, a richer one and those eyes out there looking forward to spending a fun-filled holiday in our home Singapore before visiting our interesting neighbours.


Singapore – For this is where I know it’s HOME

A tiny island we call Singapore; some call it S’pore or SG. Whichever it may be, she will always be a little Red Dot. A nation filled with multi-races and nationals that form part of this fast paced society; that’s living in S’pore for you. Thankfully she is also a food haven with a wide variety of cuisines to relax our bellies.

Though without natural resources, she have grown to be one of the most efficient country around the globe and with a stable government system, have attracted many investors into this safe haven. Staying in Singapore is something we love and hate at the same time as citizens not netizens because there are plentiful write about and share to people around the globe what life in Singapore is all about.

From food franchises, major fashion brands, automobiles, property, Singapore never fail to surprise everyone with her popularity globally. A little red dot with lots of investment opportunities, such as the upcoming condo in Siglap – Seaside Residences

While many feel that she has become a concrete jungle in a short span of just over 60 years, there are still many parts on this island that remained quite untouched and isolated, making it a well-balanced island to live on. That’s what we call our home, Singapore is all about.


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